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Thank You
Dear supporters,

Congratulations to Mr. Platts for a hard run campaign and for taking the time to talk about the issues with us regularly.. Thank you friends and supporters for all your hard work and energy in getting the message of the frustrated Central Pennsylvanian out! We contacted tens of thousands of voters in the months before the polls. We worked to make sure the message of the everyday American's expectations were heard.

We put our all into it and came up short but the challenge doesn't stop here! We know the issues that are still unaddressed. We know the everyday citizen is still being ignored for the powerful special interests that spent billions of dollars trying to buy off our leaders in Washington. Let's stay active and involved to make sure our voice is heard.

I will be holding Mr. Platts and our other elected leaders accountable for the next 2 years. I will make sure they do what they promised: To keep our taxes low, to create the jobs we need and to improve the bi-partisan environment. This country was built on competition but thrives on everyone being permitted the right to chase their life goals, protect their liberties and pursue their happiness however the like.

We have 2 years to make sure these issues are addressed and if they aren't...we need to make the change to someone who will lead truthfully and honestly us down that path.

Thank you
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